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The DCMA Service Center will assist teleworkers using personally owned
equipment with general support concerning enterprise applications available
over the web such as Outlook Web Access or CAC-enabled applications. Because
configuration changes in web browsers may affect other applications and
websites used for personal activities, IT Specialists will provide
assistance limited to general troubleshooting techniques. If these
techniques are unsuccessful it will be incumbent upon the teleworker to seek
assistance from outside of the DCMA Service Center. Under no circumstances
will IT Specialists be allowed to support the hardware on any personally
owned equipment, to include computers, laptops, tablets, printers, mobile
devices, etc. In addition, at no time will DCMA remote tools be authorized
to connect to a Non-DCMA asset. Prior to contacting the DCMA Service
Center, all teleworking employees should review published instructions and
attempt to configure their personal equipment as advised in those